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In the Beginning
Our Group was founded by Mr Ip Kwok Wing and his wife, Mdm Janet Lim Fong Li in 1979 with the establishment of a partnership, Cheong Fatt Metal Factory, to manufacture stamped metal components mainly for customers in the electronics industry. The business at that time operated out of a rented property in Ang Mo KioIndustrial Park 1 with 12 press machines. The business was later converted into a limited liability company, CFM, in 1980.

Cheong Fatt Tool & Die Pte Ltd
In 1983, to complement CFM's existing business, CFTD was established to design and fabricate tool and die. In 1986, as our business expanded and customer demand increased in Singapore, we acquired a piece of leasehold land at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 and constructed a factory to house our manufacturing operations. We shifted our entire Singapore operations to this new premise in 1988.

Hantong Metal Component Sdn Bhd
Han Tong Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd

Responding to the needs of some of our Singapore customers who were expanding or moving their operations to Malaysia and to take advantage of the competitive cost of operations in Malaysia, we established HTM and HTP on 19 November 1988 and 17 July 1990 respectively in Johor, Malaysia. HTM manufactures stamped metal components, and HTP provides maintenance services for tool and die to our customers in both Malaysia and Singapore. We acquired a 3,251 sq m piece of land at Ulu Tiram in Johor and built a factory thereon to house our manufacturing operations.

Hantong Metal Component (KL) Sdn Bhd
In year 1993, just after the 1st bigger Malaysia economic crises in 80th. by seeing the effort done by Malaysia government to extract more MNCs manufacturing investor coming in. Opportunity seating up an new factory in center region Malaysia is necessary to cover few big industrial area like Shah Alam, Bangi,Nilai & Senawang. It come the 1st priority location selection in Cheras Kuala Lumpur which can excess comfortable to all above industrial area. To move an step forward after 11 years operation Hantong KL once against reallocate factory in more strategic location like Kampung Baru Belakong 5 min excess to main north south high way given advantage Hantong KL coverage extend from Melaka to Ipoh. This area also is one of the most centralize metal stamping factory location. New factory out look design with 2 big "H" symbolize the stabilise,strong and double up our sale turn over.

Hantong Metal Component (Penang) Sdn Bhd
5th May 1995, HTPG was incorporated as a JV company with the technical support from CFMSG. We started up with single customer. Today HTPG have more than 10 anchor customers in various industries including Audio/Video, Automotive, Construction and Communication,as a result of localization from customers. HTPG was set up with only production and consequently enhance with Tooling Design & Fabrication,Silk Screening and sub-assembly which strenghten our Force to became one of the "One Stop" manufacturing plant in Nothern Region of Malaysia. To provide Better Quality , continual improvement and diversification, we decided to consolidate from existing 5 units into One Roof at Taman Ria Jaya with the land area of 2.5 acre.

PT Hantong Precision Manufacturing Batam
In June 2000, HPM was officially founded in Batam, Indonesia, located at Citra Buana Park II, Batu Ampar, about 20 minutes away from the main industrial park of Batamindo Industrial Park at Muka Kuning.

Production commenced in Feb 2001. At the beginning, HPM focused on producing items for the construction industry, such as cable trays, trunkings and partition supports. With production facilities in place, our head office in Singapore leveraged on our cost structure to capture several customers who have manufacturing operations in Batam.

HPM has a range of secondary processes such as tapping, cold riveting, spot welding and spray painting. We have also developed several stationery and gift products such as hole punchers, rulers, penholders, photo frames, from our available materials and resources. At HPM, we believe in zero wastage of resources, whether man, machine or material.

CFM Slovakia s.r.o.
As one of our major customers, Matsushita Group, expanded its operations in the Slovak Republic, it discussed with us the possibility of setting up our operations there to support their manufacturing requirements. CFMSK was incorporated on 4 July 2001 and purchased a factory in SpisÏ ska Nova Ves, Slovak Republic for a purchase consideration of SKK8.5 million to manufacture stamped metal components.

CFM (USA) Inc.
In order to tap into the US market for more business opportunities, we incorporated CFM (USA) in California, US on 28 April 2003 as a marketing office. CFM(USA), Inc. started operation in 16 September 2003 in Fremont California. It's target is to offer a One-Stop Solution to USA nationwide customers by participating actively in product development, prototype and mass production projects. With our CFM global subsidiaries support, we hope to win all the competitive prices war from the whole world.

Dalian CFM Precision Tooling Co., Ltd
To take advantage of the competitive costs of operations and skilled labour in the PRC, we registered Dalian CFM in Dalian, PRC on 14 July 2003 to undertake the design, fabrication and sale of tool and die. Dalian CFM's initial role will be to support our existing operations. Thereafter, we intend for Dalian CFM to service our customers in the PRC directly as well as to secure new customers located in the PRC. Dalian CFM is renting a factory in Jingang Industrial Park with a built up area of 1,845 sq m, and has commenced its operations in December 2003.

Public Listed on SGX-SESDAQ
CFM reached an important milestone in our corporate history with the launch of our Initial Public Offering on 16 January 2004. Our Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) came 25 years after we began as a humble metal stamping company. The funds from the IPO are being used to expand the operations of CFM, including purchase of additional machinery and expansion of production capacity, investment in a joint-venture in Thailand and for general working purposes. We have embarked on a growth path to build a firm foundation that will make CFM an even better and stronger company.

AQ Metal Fabrication Sdn Bhd
15 June 2004, AQ Metal Fabrication was incorporated as a subsidiary of HTPG. It was strategically located in Sungai Petani to complement HTPG’s services. With the EMS localising their material supplies to Penang, this strategic setup answers to the customer’s needs. Catering for the high mix, low volume electronic industry, AQ with HTPG are able to provide services ranging from prototyping to high volume mass production.

HTM Takahashi (Thailand) Co. Ltd
HTM Takahashi (Thailand) is located Chonburi, Thailand to provide continual support to existing customers who have established operations there. It engage in the provision of metal stamping services and the design and fabrication of tools and die to the Thai market.


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