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CFM Holdings Limited

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Slovakia Plant  

CFM Slovakia s.r.o.
Radlinskeho 17
052 01 Spisska Nova Ves
Slovak Republic
Tel: +421 53 41 88 888
+421 53 44 66 888





  • CFM was invited by Panasonic to support them in the supply of metal components through starting a production facility in Slovakia.

  • CFM Slovakia was established in July 2001, and started operations in Jan 2002.

  • We started with metal stamping and expand to include various secondary processes, design and fabrication of tool and die.

  • We have also moved into sub assembly for Panasonic, PCBA production and also assembly of motors.

  • Other than Panasonic, we are currently supplying to Embraco, LG Philips, Philips Power, Premotec, Matsushita Electric, Flextronics and Zollner.




  • Established in July 2001, operational in January 2002 with 31 press and fully equipped tool room.

  • Obtained ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 on 15 April 2003.

  • Started Operations of Motor Assembly in Aug 2003.

  • Started Operations of PCBA production in Feb 2004.

  • Obtained Conformance Certificate to TS 16949: 2002 QMS on 2 September 2004.

  • Obtained ISO 9000:2000 and ISO 14001:1996 for motor and PCB assembly in Nov 2004.



Tool Room


  • Toolroom is fully equipped with precision wire cut, CNC and the general tool making machines.

  • Minimum qualification of toolroom, engineering and QC is technical high school.

Metal Stamping


  • Metal Stamping machines 55 units from 25 to 250T.

Secondary Process


  • Secondary Process from 4 silk screen printing with UV technology to tapping machines and spot welding.

PCB Assembly

Motor Assembly


  • Other secondary process include assembly on line and offline.

  • Other associated process include Motor assembly and PCBA.

QC Equipment


  • Quality Control has the full range of measuring equipment, including CMM, Profile Projector, Laser height gauges on top of the standard calipers and gauges.




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